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Villa Micic

Apartment 1
(4 persons)

Apartment is ca 30m2 big. It has a bedroom living room, bathroom and a kitchen it has also a balcony.

Villa Micic

Apartment 2
(2+1 persons)

Apartment is ca 38m2 big. It has a bedroom and an option of extra beds in the living room. Also, we got a bathroom and a balcony.

Villa Micic

Apartment 3
(4 person)

Apartment is ca 45m2 big. It has got to bedrooms and an option of extra beds in the living room, a bathroom and a balcony.

Where are we?

Micic Apartments are located in the historical city of Zadar in the area Puntamika which is the most attractive tourist area of Zadar. Our apartments are situated 400 m from the sea in a quiet and beautiful area overlooking the city harbor and the island of Ugljan.more...

Today, the monument of the city ...

About Zadar

Zadar is a city with over 3000 years of history, built in the center of the Croatian coast surrounded by islands and the protected harbor, destroyed in wars and earthquakes and rebuilt everything richer and more beautiful. The first inhabitants, a tribe in the 4th century Liburna p.n.e. recorded for the first written mention about village life Jadera.more...


Tel: +385 (0) 23 334 848
Adress: Matije gubca 15, Zadar
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About us:

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